George Wishart in Prison (1546)

Informed that he was wanted, Wishart said meekly ‘Let the will of the Lord be done.’He said to Bothwell, ‘I thank God that one so honourable as your lordship receives me this night, being assured that, having pledged your honour, you will preserve me from injury without order of law. The law, I am not ignorant, is corrupt, and is used as a cloak under which to shed blood; but I less fear to die openly than to be slain in secret.’Bothwell replied, ‘Not only shall I protect you from secret violence, but I shall shelter you from the designs, both of the governor and cardinal. In my keeping you shall be secure till I restore you to freedom or bring you again to this place.’

Wishart was imprisoned in Elphinstone Tower, then moved by Bothwell to Hailes Castle, then Edinburgh Castle.

Additional Information

South of the town, first left off B6414 once clear of the town.