Denny (1742)

In the parishes eastward of Kilsyth the revival was little felt. The people were keenly engaged in discussing the externals of Christianity and were thereby prevented from studying very minutely the doctrines of vital religion. It has been found that keen party spirit almost necessarily destroys spirituality of mind. An anxious desire to obtain connection with a sect, is too frequently substituted for earnest solici¬tude to gain union with Jesus, the Saviour. Nevertheless, there were a few -witnesses for God raised up even in these parishes. In Denny and Larbert, particularly, this was the case. The Almighty Spirit triumphed over the car¬nality of many nominal professors and rendered them the living members of Christ. Not a few gainsayers were reclaimed, whose lives afterwards furnished a practical and ocular demonstration, that the work was of God, and not of man.