Cumbernauld (1742)

About this time about sixteen young people in the town of Kirkintilloch were observed to meet in a barn for prayer. This took place at the suggestion of one of the older boys and was cordially acceded to by the rest. This incident coming to be known seemed to make deep impressions both upon old and young. The minister of the parish was rejoiced by this movement, inquired after the little prayer meeting, and frequently joined the society, for giving direc­tion and instruction. At the dispensation of the Lord's supper in May following, Mr Maclaurin of Glasgow, and Mr Robe of Kilsyth, preached on the fast-day preparatory to the celebration of that solemnity. Mr Burnside, the minister of the parish, preached in the evening of the same day. The work of conviction was general and powerful. In the words of Mr Robe, "Zion's mighty King did ap­pear in His glory and majesty, and His arrows were sharp in the heart of His enemies." About a hundred and twenty applied to the minister, anxiously seeking the way to Zion, evidently with their faces thitherward. About the same time there were fourteen or fifteen awakened at Cumbernauld, under the preaching of Mr Whitefield; and about eighty individuals by the ordinary ministrations of their own pastor Mr Oughterson.