Brownlow North - School (1819)

He went to Eaton College at the early age of nine, remaining there for six years. He did not excel in his studies, but he was a keen sportsman and popular with the boys, being known as ‘Gentleman Jack.’ His mother was a godly woman, ensuring that her son was taught the ways of the Lord, but they had little influence on the wild boy. His father died in1825, and so he was taken out of Eton, being sent to Corfu with the Earl. His cousin, who was Chancellor of the island, had founded a Theological College there and hoped that North would continue his studies there. The Earl was unable to control his cousin’s high spirits, so sent him home. He was then sent on the ‘grand tour’ around Europe with a tutor, but he won at cards all the money that had been entrusted to his tutor, so no work was done on the trip.