Brownlow North - Grave (1876)

Brownlow North continued his fulltime employment, and went to Alexandria, Dumbartonshire, for a series of meetings on October 21st 1875. On Sunday the 24th he preached in the Public Hall to around 1200 people. He then preached in the Free Church on the Wednesday and Friday evening. North would preach despite pain and sickness. The doctors had warned him that his heart could go any time while he was preaching, and yet he continued without ceasing. On the Saturday he was taken ill, and Brownlow North died on November 9th 1875, aged 65. So he did what he loved to do up until ten days before his death. He was buried in Dean Cemetery, Edinburgh.

Additional Information

To find the grave of Brownlow North. Go into the old (left hand) cemetery. You will come to a roundabout, take the path on the left. You will then come to a fork; take the left path and follow it almost to the back of the cemetery. You will see on your right a large fir tree and on your left you will find the grave. If you come to a very large round memorial on your right you will have gone too far.