Manningham - J Entwisle (1821)

"Sun. 18. — Low Moor, morning and afternoon. Admitted thirty new members. Bradford, evening. Mon. 19. — Preached and met classes at Manningham; employed three hours. In this place also the Lord is carrying on his work. Tues. — Met elasses in Bradford, and admitted thirteen new members. what a concern is excited in the minds of the people for their salvation. Wed. — Low Moor. Large and attentive congregation.

Surely the Lord is doing wonders in this place. Thurs. — White Abbey. Here too sinners are awakened and turned unto the Lord. Frid. — Horton. God is at work here." Thus was his time constantly filled up; and thus did the Lord every where gladden his heart with abundant success.

From, ‘Memoir of the Rev. Joseph Entwisle; fifty-four years a Wesleyan Minister, 1848, P365.


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