Tosberry (1816)

On the 4 October 1816 while at family prayer, James Thorne saw hosts of people coming to Christ. This provision was abundantly verified.

Journal, 19th December, - I visited some families in Hartand, and prayed with some who appeared in great distress; and in the evening I spoke at Tossbury. Soon after I began my discourse, one began to pray earnestly God for mercy. I prayed with her and she was a little comforted. I then attempted to proceed but had not been speaking above five minutes before I was again prevented by the cries of the people who were in great distress for the salvation of their souls. We continued singing and praying until 1 o'clock the next morning; during which time one professed to have obtained peace with God, four that the blood of Christ had cleansed them from all sin, and many more were in great distress. It was a memorable day.

The Bible Christians: Their Origin and History (1815-1900) by F.W. Bourne - page 40.