Thomas Chalmers - Grave (1847)

In May 1847 Thomas Chalmers went to London, returning home around four weeks later, tired from his trip. He rested in bed the next day, attended worship the following day and went to bed early. The following morning, the 30th May, he was found dead. His funeral was held at St Andrew’s Free Church. There was a procession of 2,000 mourners to Grange cemetery with 100,000 lining the streets. At the cemetery there were thousands of people waiting for the procession. The ‘Witness’ reported, “Never before, in at least the memory of man, did Scotland witness such a funeral.”

Additional Information

As you enter the graveyard from the North West corner, walk along the wall and you will find the grave of Thomas Chalmers about a third of the way down, against the wall.