Robert Haldane - Stilton (1798)

Mr Robert Haldane himself used to relate an anecdote in refe­rence to a sermon which he preached under a large shed, belonging to one of the principal inns on the Great North-road. He was posting from London to Edinburgh, probably in 1798, as he does not seem to have been in London for several years after­wards. Arriving on the Saturday evening at Stilton, in Hunt­ingdonshire, he resolved there to spend the Lord's-day. He found that the Gospel was not preached in the church, and, in fact, that it was scarcely heard in any part of the county. He proposed to the landlord to preach in the evening, in the yard of the hotel. The landlord expressed himself much gratified at the suggestion, cleared out the carriages, which stood under a spacious and convenient covering, and desired intimation to be given of the sermon. Mr Haldane then addressed a numerous and very attentive congregation. When he had concluded, the people remained as if riveted to the spot, and intimated that they desired to hear more of these glad tidings. He began again, and spoke to an audience listening with fixed attention, for nearly an hour. The people were deeply moved and expressed their thankfulness. Next morning he proceeded on his journey. A few years afterwards, probably in 1802, he again spent a Sunday at the same inn, but hearing that there was then a Methodist, or Wesleyan Chapel, he went

Additional Information

Undoubtedly the Bell Inn would have been where he stayed.