Robert Bruce - Home (1554)

Robert Bruce was born about the year 1554. He was descended from Robert the Bruce and on his Catholic mother’s side, from James I. He was second son to Sir Alexander Bruce, a nominal Protestant, the Laird of Airth (of whom he had the estate of Kinnaird), who being at that time one of the foremost baron’s of the kingdom, educated him at the University of St Andrews (1568-1572) where he studied philosophy and with the intention of becoming one of the Lords of Session, and to be better equipped he sent him to France to study civil law. After his return home, his father persuaded him to wait upon some affairs of his that were then before the Court of Session, as he had got a patent that ensured he would be one of these Lords. But God’s thoughts being not as men’s thoughts, and having other designs for him, He began then to work mightily upon his conscience.

Additional Information

The house was replaced in 1897.