Northrepps Cottage (1827-1845)

This was the home of Anna Gurney who was a sister of the Gurney who owned Northrepps Hall and Sarah Buxton who was Fowell's sister. Thomas Fowell Buxton lived a few hundred yards away at the Hall and visited the ladies often.

Anna Gurney was an exceptional woman. She was dropped as a young child and had been in a wheelchair all her life. She knew many languages and was very intelligent. She and Sarah were inseparable and did a huge amount of good in the area. They were full of love for their fellow man.

Sarah died in 1839 and Anna in 1867. They are both buried in St Martin's Overstrand, in Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton's grave in the aisle of the church. There are powerful memorials to them in the church.

Additional Information

The Cottage is now a very comfortable small Country Hotel. There are Gurney memorabilia all over the place. It is owned by Simon Gurney, who owns Northrepps Hall.