Mynydd Bodafon (1877)

1883-5 Richard Owen revival in North Wales [William Pritchard, Cofiant y Parch. Richard Owen, Y “Diwygiwr”, 3ydd arg., Dinbych, 1897, pp.124-216]

Richard Owen Revival - There was a very effective religious revival in large regions of the North in the years 1883-5. The chief one as a means in the head of the Spirit of the Lord in this revival was the Rev. Richard Owen, a godly and devoted minister with the [Calvinistic] Methodists. We are indebted to our old dear friend, the Rev. Richard Williams, Llangwyllog, one of the most respected Methodist ministers in the North, for an account of Mr Owen in Anglesey. The first revival meeting of Mr Owen was at Caersalem, Bodafon mountain, Anglesey, in January 1877. And in February of the same year, there were meetings remarkable for saving influence in Llain Goch, Holyhead; five came forward seeking a Saviour on the first night, and before the end of the week over sixty had joined the church. These happy meetings can be looked on as truly prophetic of the future success of the revivalist in his work. In Anglesey alone about three hundred were added through the fervent and convicting ministry of R. Owen, and many of them were old stubborn hearers, who had obstinately and perversely [gwrthnysig] held out for years; and the churches had from them scores of tenacious [gafaelgar] prayers and most useful brethren. The Rev. R. Owen preached in season and out of season, night and day, during his final years, and his excessive preaching labours undoubtedly shortened his life; but we believe that he did a great work in a few years, - which will only appear in the light of the last judgment. He preached many times throughout Anglesey with uncommon unction in the years 1884-5, and on his revival mission trips through the counties of Caernarfon, Merioneth, and Denbigh, powerful revivals were produced in the churches wherever he went. The revivalist was only a common brother as to his abilities and attainments, and the Methodist Connexion and the other denominations in the North had many that were considered superior preachers, and no doubt they were.

[E. Parry, Llawlyfr ar Hanes Diwygiadau Cymru, pp.158-60]

This information was kindly provided by Geraint Jones

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