Moody Preached - Berwick (1874)

D. L. Moody did one meeting here through John Cairns and Cairns then spent over two weeks dealing with the salvations.

Toward the end of January they paid a short visit of one day to Berwick where Principal Cairns was labouring. During the course of the entire mission, it was frequently noticed that the greatest results were often achieved after Moody and Sankey left the place where they had been working. It was so at Edinburgh where the revival seemed to grow in intensity after their departure. This same thing proved true at Berwick where the movement they inaugurated lasted for the next two years. In November 1874, Dr Cairns wrote, "Our work here survives though it is quieter. Some blessed fruits remain and I have seen no evil." Meetings were held nightly as well as a noon prayer meeting, in all of which there was cooperation between the ministers and laymen of the town. Much more was done than what was apparent at the public services. Cairns realized that many did not have the courage required to face the inquiry- room so followed them to their own homes. He wrote, "My chief labour has lain in going to people's houses and entering on serious dealing with them." The results were conspicuously seen in the numbers of young people gathered into the member­ship of the church.

From, 'Scotland Saw His Glory.' edited by Richard Owen Roberts.