Langdon (1816)

At Langdon, converted children, all unknown to their elders, regularly held a class meeting among themselves, and when their place of meeting was accidentally discovered, many of the parents, keeping the discovery secret, on overhearing their children relate their Christian experience were melted to tears. At the same place, a company of young men returning from their appointments spoke affectionately to a man they met about his soul. The arrow of the Almighty went home, and he cried aloud in the road for mercy. A verse or two of a hymn was sung and fervent prayer offered. In the stillness of the night, the sounds were heard in the distance by people in the adjoining villages. A large congregation soon gathered, the Holy Ghost fell upon the people as at the beginning, many cried aloud for mercy, and several captives of sin with there and then set gloriously free. Among others, a father and son rejoiced together in the adoption of children. A farmer returning to his home heard the message a mile away, and without joining the others believed and was saved.

The Bible Christians: Their Origin and History (1815-1900) by F.W. Bourne - Page 39.

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