John Welch - Buried (1622)

The graveyard in which Welsh's mortal remains were deposited baffled my inquiries. Affection has recorded only that his body was laid near that of Mr Edward Deering, one of the chaplains of Queen Elizabeth, who resembled him as an eminent preacher of the Word, and who, like him, died under Court frowns. And John Livingstone, speaking of Mr Bartholomew Fleming, his wife's father, says, ' Her father died at London in the year 1624, and was laid hard by Mr John Welsh; and these two only of a long time had been solemnly buried without the Service Book."But this information was too indefinite to enable me to determine the particular graveyard to which reference is made. After much fruitless inquiry into the records of various burial places in London, as those of St Martin's, St Margaret's, and St Peter's, I had the satisfaction of receiving an extract from the register of the burials belonging to the parish of St , and Bishopsgate, London, certifying that " John Welsh, minister was buried the 4th of April 1622."

Additional Information

St Botolph's Graveyard is under this 'park' area.