Holsworthy (1816)

A great and effectual door was now opened, there were many adversaries.

Two days after William O'Bryan's first Visit to Morwenstow, when taking his regular appointments at Holsworthy, there was an extraordinary demonstration of the Spirit's power, and while prayer was being made for one in great distress of soul, Miss Hannah Row, who was likewise Under deep concern, thought it was on her behalf that prior was being made. Her distress increased until she fell prostrate on the floor in agony, but the storm in her soul soon turned into a perfect calm.
Miss Row'sa mother and several others, Samuel Thorne among them, were also much affected and abundantly blessed. A crowd soon gathered wondering what it all meant. Some of the scenes were repeated in almost every place with her the evangelist went. At Holsworthy and elsewhere fierce persecution soon broke out. The services were disturbed by the beating of drums; the preacher and his friends were bespattered with rotten eggs or pelted with stones; the most violent threats were used; Mr and Mrs O'Bryan and their landlady had eventually to leave the place, but in the face of the strongest opposition the word of God grew and multiplied.

The Bible Christians: Their Origin and History (1815-1900) by F.W. Bourne - Page 35-6.

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