Hicks Mill Chapel (1821)

On 19 August the first chapel at Hicks Mill, Gwennap, the county of Cornwall, was opened for divine worship by William O'Bryan and James Thorne. It soon became the birthplace of multitudes of souls so that it's enlargement became necessary, and in 1824, when it was reopened, William Reed preached the first sermon. Subsequently, other enlargements and alterations were made, until it came to be a spacious, square-built structure, capable of holding four or five hundred persons. Architecturally, Hicks Mill chapel has little or no beauty, but it has been often overshadowed and filled with divine glory and has been probably the birthplace of more souls than any other chapel in the denomination; and it was for many years, until the mining interest entirely collapsed in the immediate neighbourhood, the centre of a number of benevolent and religious activities. It would require a volume to describe one-half of the deeply interesting incidents which have occurred within its walls or to sketch the career of one-tenth of the converts... Year after year revivals were so frequent as to be almost continuous.

The Bible Christians: Their Origin and History (1815-1900) - Page 100.