Elgin (1875)

Wednesday, 22nd July. —The five days spent in Elgin were among the most fruitful of the mission. For five months the Lord's people had been praying daily for a season of blessing, and their prayer was granted, for before the visit of Messrs. Moody and Sankey a large number of young people had professed conversion, and the general spiritual life of the community was quickened. The result of the work in the town may be understood from the following account of the revival in one congregation. The Rev. S. R. Macphail, D.D., Liverpool, then of Elgin, wrote, in Times of Blessing, Feb, 18. 1875:—"I am not able, and shall not attempt, to describe what may be found in other congregations in town, in all of which, I have no doubt, considerably blessing has been manifest. It will be more satisfactory, as you especially desire facts, to relate what I personally know, and particularly in my own work. During thy past twelve months I have had 110 young communicants, a very large portion of whom ascribe their conversion to Christ to the influence of the work carried on in the town during the seven months of united effort among us. I know of at least as many more who will, I expect, ere long take the same step. There are various ways in which it was possible to give some idea of how the blessing abides and works. For instance, of 96 names now before me of those who met me at a special meeting which I called, and all of whom professed to have been brought to the Lord last year, I find there are 52 who have not yet made a public profession. Of the 96 mentioned, 53 are engaged in active Christian work, while several more are practically so occupied in caring for young families. Of these 96, 24 were previously members of the congregation, showing that the work was not confined to the young. Indeed, of the young communicants specified already several are about 40 years of age and a few above 60. I find a very large proportion of those blessed got salvation in connection with the special services. Fully two-thirds received blessing previous to Mr Moody's visit to us. This was to be expected, seeing we had five weeks of our seven months' united effort in this town, when there were, on an average, fully 20 cases of anxiety every evening. The influence of Mr Moody's work elsewhere was, however, throughout a great means of blessing among us. It was during February, March, and April that most was done among the young in our Sabbath Schools. We have now in seven of our classes several church members."

‘Revivals in the Highlands and Islands’ by Alexander Macrea – Re-published in 1998 by Tentmaker Publications

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I assume that several churches were involved.