Derby Circuit - Ann Cutler (1794)

“Derby, Dec. 8, 1794.

“My very dear Friend,

“I hope you are well. I find God is true: He does not fail. I have seen many souls convinced and converted to God. I was above a week in Oldham circuit. We believed there was near a hundred souls brought to God. I have been above a fortnight at Manchester. Some were justified and some sanctified every night. Some nights eight and nine, some twelve, some twenty, one thirty, and one night near forty, found peace with God.— I have been above a fortnight in Leek circuit. The Lord heareth and answereth prayer. Some nights eight, and one night eleven found peace. I have been one week in the Derby circuit. In this week above forty souls were set at liberty: some cleansed from sin. Four men came on Sunday thirteen miles in deep distress. They all went home happy.

Some kneeled in the time of preaching, their distress was so great. On Saturday night one who mocked us was seized by the power of God: he cried for mercy, and the Lord saved him. I see much of the Lord's presence.

From 'Account of the Life and Death of Ann Cutler' by William Bramwell.

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