East Knoyle (1862)

The Christian friends here had been long praying for a Revival of religion, and the Lord had already answered their prayers in greatly reviving and increasing their faith before any conversions took place. It was at a tea-meeting, held on the first day of the present year that the evidence of God's converting power was first seen. A youth of about eighteen was then led to give himself entirely to God. He stated, at an experience-meeting held some weeks later: "I have been accustomed to receive new year's gifts, but I never received such a gift as on this new year's day, for then the Lord pardoned all my sins, and gave me a new heart. To God be all the praise." The expectation of God's wrestling ones was greatly strengthened on the night of the tea-meeting. On the Sunday following, Mr Pointer, a young evangelist, preached in the evening. God was with him, and many were awakened. On the evening following, he addressed the people again. Many stayed to an after-meeting which was held for the anxious. There was some crying for mercy in a most piteous manner, and it was with difficulty after they had been conversed and prayed with, that we prevailed upon them to go home and come again in the morning. Three came. Others were obliged to go to their labour. One of the number who came said she had a few days before engaged to go to work on that day, "But," said she, "I can neither work nor sleep till I have found Jesus." After we had again conversed and prayed with them, and while they were still on their knees, we sang, "Come to Jesus," &c. Before we had finished the hymn, the woman referred to joined in singing with all her heart. She rose from her knees rejoicing and is still cleaving to the Lord. Mr P addressed the people on the following Thursday and Sunday evenings, and as the result of his visit among us, seven professed to find peace in Jesus. Some of the cases display in a remarkable manner the power of divine grace. A man near fifty, who had been a drunkard and a sinner of the deepest dye, was seized one night, when returning from the beer-house, with overwhelming convictions of his sinfulness. He had been to the meetings previously. So great was his distress, that he durst not get into bed for fear he should "sink into hell." He remained on his knees nearly the whole night, crying in a most heart-rending manner for mercy; his wife, meanwhile, declaring if he was not quiet she would send for the policeman. After being in distress for some days, he found peace at a prayer-meeting. The change is so remarkable that it is the talk of the whole village. The wife of a man who had just found peace was so distressed about her soul that she could not work. She was constrained to leave her work and read her Testament and Weaver's, Hymn-book and pray the whole of the day. She soon found the Lord to be the joy of her soul. She had been Roman Catholic, but since then, at a prayer-meeting, this was her confession: "I have bowed before men, and been better for it, but, praised be the Lord, I have been led to bow before him, and He has pardoned all my sins." About seventeen, we believe, have been truly converted to God. Oh, join with us in praising the Lord for his goodness.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume VI, page 134.

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