Millfield (1861)

Extract, from a letter, dated July 18, on the work of God in some villages in the neighbourhood of Berwick.

Dear Brother, — I am happy to be able to tell you that the blessed work of God goes on gloriously. In the villages round about every week souls are being brought out of darkness into light. I could not tell you all about the work in a short letter. At Kimmerston, on Sunday week, there was a great meeting. We could not tell you how many found Jesus, but truly the power of God was there. At Millfield last Lord's day, a brother preached twice, and a great many, both young and old, were made to cry out for mercy; and before he left were rejoicing in Jesus. On Tuesday night, at Bousden, there was an open-air meeting, and after that a meeting for the anxious which lasted till eleven o'clock, and a good many souls found Jesus. I could go on telling you things like this long enough, but have not time. God is doing a great work here; bless his name. The fact is that we both are done out, with speaking almost every night and walking from place to place, but we cannot sit still and such a hungering for the word of life; we must work while it is day. Therefore, dear brother, we need your prayers, very much, that God will strengthen us both in soul and body for the work before us. J. L. From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume V, page 45.

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